Miyoshi Udon


Udon, Tempura

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Opened the doors in 2010 and from the first day there was a lineup of people waiting outside for a bowl of udon. Through the years the quality has been very consistent and their dashi broth is just on the top. They make their own udon noodles in house and you can even see the whole process. Normally the place is managed by three chefs and each is taking care of a different task. Is important to mention the tempura they serve, just crispy and you can feel still the fresh veggies and no sign of oil. It is considered by many the best Udon shop in Kamakura and the location very convenient while you visit the temples near by. A good choice for Japan Gourmet Pass Udon lovers. NOTE: They may close earlier if they run out of noodles since the shop is very popular.

Opening time:

Lunch & Dinner (Followed hours)
From: 11:15am
To: 19:00pm (19:30pm Saturday, Sunday)
Last order: 18:30pm (19:00pm Saturday, Sunday)
Closed: Everyday open, except New Year
Average queue time : From 15 minutes


Price / Payment:

Average prices:
Lunch & Dinner (Followed hours) ¥1,300~

Payments system:

Very good price-quality ratio and extremely popular.
No discount or free services. No need to show your Japan Gourmet Pass.


Menu translated in:
Photo Menu

16 seats

Family friendly
  • Miyoshi Kamakura Udon entrance
  • Miyoshi Kamakura Udon chicken dashi broth
  • Miyoshi Kamakura Udon veggie tempura
  • Miyoshi Kamakura Udon set
  • Miyoshi Kamakura Udon dashi broth
  • Miyoshi Kamakura Udon spices
  • Miyoshi Kamakura Udon noodles
  • Miyoshi Kamakura Udon rice bowl
  • Miyoshi Kamakura Udon tempura set
  • Miyoshi Kamakura Udon tempura
  • Miyoshi Kamakura Udon sake bottles
  • Miyoshi Kamakura Udon counter
  • Miyoshi Kamakura Udon udon handmade
  • Miyoshi Kamakura Udon english menu

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