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When it comes to Yamamoto Menzou be ready to lineup outside their shop. Is like a pilgrimage of locals, people from around Japan and lately some foreigners since the "rumor" spread around that here you can taste the best Udon in Kyoto. Their famous udon noddles are daily homemade and just cooked before serving each client. The noodles here are slightly slimmer and the texture elastic. Their signature dish is the Burdock Tempura and some people like to combine with the special curry. Another common dish is the fried chicken breast with udon. NOTE: Last year, the shop start to give a ticket with your approximate eating time when you arrive and place the order, leaving you time to go around and have a walk and return when nearly is your time. We recommend you to be conservative in order to don't miss your time and come slightly earlier than the time written on the ticket. It well worth the waiting time and is a test for Japan Gourmet Pass holders who love Udon.

Opening time:

Lunch & Dinner (Followed hours)
From: 11:00am
To: 18:00pm (14:30pm Wednesday)
Last order: 18:00pm (14:30pm Wednesday)
Closed: Thursday and 4th Wednesday of the month (moved to next day if public holiday), Irregular days and when noodles are sold out.
Average queue time : From 45 minutes


Price / Payment:

Average prices:
Lunch & Dinner (Followed hours) ¥1,000~

Payments system:

Very good price-quality ratio and extremely popular.
No discount or free services. No need to show your Japan Gourmet Pass.


Menu translated in:

18 seats

Family friendly
  • Yamamoto Menzo Udon Kyoto entrance
  • Yamamoto Menzo Udon Kyoto udon tempura set
  • Yamamoto Menzo Udon Kyoto close view to udon noodle
  • Yamamoto Menzo Udon Kyoto tempura
  • Yamamoto Menzo Udon Kyoto curry udon
  • Yamamoto Menzo Udon Kyoto noodle detail
  • Yamamoto Menzo Udon Kyoto grand set
  • Yamamoto Menzo Udon Kyoto udon and nori
  • Yamamoto Menzo Udon Kyoto shrimp tempura
  • Yamamoto Menzo Udon Kyoto tempura with spices
  • Yamamoto Menzo Udon Kyoto interior
  • Yamamoto Menzo Udon Kyoto counter

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