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¥1,400 ¥1,400

Ichiju-sansai 一汁三菜

Ichiju-sansai / 一汁三菜

Ichiju-Sansai: one soup, three vegetables. It is the base of the "teishoku" Japanese combination plate. It consists of a main dish (rich in protein) that is usually meat or fish that is either grilled or boiled, rice, miso soup and three vegetable dishes, one of them pickled, another boiled and one with dressing. It is filled with a nutritional balance of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats etc. It is the basis of healthy Japanese food and longevity of Japanese people. In this small restaura ... nt they specialize in grilled fish, cooked over a slow fire, juicy with crispy skin. There are also some meat dishes and others a little more elaborate such as cod in rice cake. The main dish is served with a bit of tamago (Japanese sweet omelette). The rice (you can choose white or whole grain) is made in a clay pot, in the traditional way, they usually leave it a bit pasty to increase its sweetness. Small and inexpensive restaurant, with only 8 seats located on Nisseki street, near Hiro station.


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    lunch ¥1,400, dinner ¥1,400
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    8 Seats
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