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Jack´s Steak House Jack´s Steak House

Jack´s Steak House / Jack´s Steak House

Jacks Steak House was founded in 1953, shortly after the war under American occupation of Okinawa (which lasted until 1972). At that time of strong American influence, there was an interesting mix of cultures: Japanese, Okinawan and American that resulted in this fun restaurant. The interior has posters and decor from the period with text in English and Japanese. They even keep the activity license granted in their day by the American military authorities. The place is very popular with Naha loc ... als and visitors alike, so it is always packed. There is a nice traffic light that indicates the level of occupancy Green: free places, Yellow and red: full. The concept has been from the beginning to give the highest quality meat at the most affordable prices possible. The main menu is Tender Loin, New York Steak, hamburgers etc. from which you can choose the size. There are great inexpensive sets. There are also classics of Tex Mex and Japanese cuisine like Pork tofu or Yakisoba. An interesting place to capture the atmosphere of post-war Okinawa and eat excellent meat. A 10 minute walk from Asahibashi station.


  • Type of Food
    Other, Steak House
  • Prices
    lunch ¥500, dinner ¥500
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  • Capacity
    80 Seats
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From: 11:00
To: 14:30
Last Order: 14:30
Avg Queue Time: Irregular
Closed: 2nd & 4th Wednesday.


From: 14:30
To: 22:30
Last Order: 22:00
Avg Queue Time: Irregular
Closed: 2nd & 4th Wednesday.

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