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Kakifune Kanawa Otemachi かき船 かなわ

Kakifune Kanawa Otemachi / かき船 かなわ

Kakifune Kanawa Otemachi is an oyster restaurant located on a floating houseboat over the Motoyosu River, halfway between the Atomic Bomb Dome and Peace Memorial Park. The company has been cultivating oysters since 1867. During the Meiji era in the late 19th century, Hiroshima's oyster production was widely consumed throughout the region, even reaching Kansai. This popularized the 'oyster boats' called kakifune, where oysters and drinks were served along the riverbanks. Continuing this tradit ... ion, the company opened its first restaurant here in 1963. The oysters are produced on an uninhabited island with clear, pollution-free waters and high salinity. They are small, firm, and possess a deep flavor. The restaurant is located in a charming spot, perfect for enjoying excellent riverfront views of Hiroshima. The star ingredient is their own homegrown oyster, featured in various forms and preparations. The offerings range from a full tasting course at 12,000 yen to a 6,000 yen course that includes locally sourced Takehara beef and seasonal fish. You can also enjoy simple raw oysters with sparkling wine for only 1,500 yen. We highlight a local specialty called Dotenabe. It's a hot pot with 'dashi' broth, to which you can add miso to taste, oysters, tofu, vegetables, and more. The establishment features two floors, private rooms for groups, a blend of traditional Japanese tatami and Western-style tables. A great place to relish local oysters in a relaxed atmosphere with splendid views.




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