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Okkundou おっくん堂

Okkundou  / おっくん堂

Okkundo is a type of 'mazemen' ramen characterized by serving the noodles separately and instead of broth, they are dipped in a special thick sauce. The noodles are often accompanied by grilled marinated pork slices (chashu), scallions, onsen tamago (semi-cooked or poached marinated eggs). You can choose the level of spiciness and temperature. Additionally, you can select a variety of toppings and side dishes: cabbage, natto, cheese, fried oysters, dumplings, takikomi gohan (rice with mushroo ... ms, vegetables...). Since the noodles are not in the broth, they maintain their 'al dente' texture throughout, and the thick sauce and grilled pork slice are delicious. It's highly recommended to mix the rice with the sauce at the end. Unlike other ramen places, it's often frequented by office workers after work, so there's a lively atmosphere in the late afternoon. An excellent stop for a meal after visiting Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, as it's relatively close, on the east bank of the Motoyasu River and just a short distance from Chuden-Mae station.


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